Orientation Program

Three days academic orientation program lays the foundation for life long learning, ingraining in the psyche of the eternal student. The orientation program enables the students tof amiliarize themselves with the teaching methodology and aids used in the classrooms, use of in - campus facilities and services, library and lab use and other services. The program also focus on academic and personal counselling, equipping students with necessary study skills required for academic setting, enabling students to adjust to the SSCCS teaching model.

Semester 1

Expert Lecture
  • Swimming Pool To Open Sea by DHIRENBHAI
  • Expectation of Market by Mr. Gaurav Chattbar
  • Design your Destiny by DEVDATT

Semester 3

Expert Lecture
  • who am i? by Mr. BHARAT VAGHELA
  • competitive exam by Mr. Gaurav Chattbar
  • kya hahu kya na kahu by Mr. Gaurav Chattbar

Semester 5

Expert Lecture
  • Never Ever Give Up by Mr.Bharat Vaghela
  • overseas study by Mr. Hemant Bhayani
  • Progress of China by Mr. Jagdeep Kakadiya

Other Activities

Sports are part and parcel of the students life. It is very important for the overall development of the students. It teaches them how to work in team and excel in life, and also understand the spirit of competition. Games like Volley Ball, Kho - Kho, Cricket, 100 meter Running Race, Slow Cycling, Shot Put, Group Walk, Carom, Chess, Tug of War , Musical chair and many more games.

It has been tradition in SSCCS to celebrate Teacher's Day every year. Students celebrated Teacher's Day to express respect and sense of gratitude towards the Teacher's. Students took on the role of Teacher and conducted regular classes. Various competitions like Essay, Elocution, Aarti Thali, Mehandi, Poster Making, Rangoli, and on the Spot Drawing were arranged on Teachers Day.

Our institute blends the technology with the knowledge through CQC. It is a unique quiz competition organized by SSCCS. It spans over 4 weeks.The students have to answer on CQC answer chit only. Only the students who get good score in round - 1 can enter 2nd round and respectively to round 3. That way, the students are filtered down to ten and those students participate to final round. i.e CQC Live. CQC Final Round held on 15th September 2019

Competitive Exam, 'With an aim of inculcating reading habits and acquiring knowledge other than the study related subjects amongst the future citizens SSCCS Competitive exam was organized on 11th August,2019 for the all the students

Objective of this workshop is to prepare students about the risks in using Internet and technonlogy for day to day purpose such as transacting online and password security.

For the motivation, energy and to developing positive attitude Personality Development Workshops were conducted.