Flash Zone Detail

One of the biggest praiseworthy and widely appreciated IT Exhibition & event Flash is milestone of SSCCS. Flash is a mind blowing exhibition was nicely organized by SSCCS for every year. It is indeed a matter of pride and prestige for SSCCS that visitors of Bhavnagar District, containing more than 10,000 visitors visited in every flash exhibition.There are seven wonder groups catered to vivid areas of interest and projects really generated a lot of excitement and purchase inquiry from huge audience.
Various zones of flash
  • Applied Technology Zone
  • Game Zone
  • Wonder Women Zone
  • Education Zone
  • Code Chef Zone
  • E-Commerce Zone
  • Mobinet Zone

Flash Competitions

Mega Events
Various zones of flash
  • G.K Test
    SSCCS thrives to make the students familiar with all the walks of life. Keeping this aim in mind GK test was organized for the Secondary and Higher Secondary students of different school of Bhavnagar city. It is indeed a matter of great pride and pleasure for our institute that more than 750 students of different schools participated with great enthusiasm.
  • C Programming
    This was and endeavor to strengthen the logical and reasoning power of students. Students of various BCA colleges of M.K. Bhavnagar University participated with full Zeal & zest.
  • I.T Quiz
    IT quiz competition was organized for BCA students of M.K. Bhavnagar University. The Quiz cover the latest news about the advancement in the field of Information Technology. It consisted of True or False, Multiple choice Questions, Fill in the blanks, Visual Round & Rapid Fire Round.
  • Paper Presentation
    Paper Presentation was organized for the students of all the BCA colleges
  • Poster Presentation
    Poster Presentation was organized for the students of all the BCA colleges.