The strength of SSCCM lies in bringing its ability to deliver study programs that understand the need of students in the Indian context while at the same time keeping a global relevance. Apart from the rigor of classroom academics, GCM Club Integrates a spectrum of additional components that include Training Programs, Exchange Programs, Industrial Visits, Expert Lectures, Seminar, Workshop, Project Guidance etc... Tapping into the years of experience and accumulated knowledge base, the leadership of GCM Club has evolved a model that has character of its own and is designed to add an extra dimension to the student's personality and give them the competitive edge.

Session No.
Topic Name
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Inauguration by Dr. J.P. Majmudar

Session - 1 Joy of Learning Dr. Ashish Shukla
Session - 2 Mutual Fund and Stock Market Mr. Chintan Dave
Session - 3 Maitry Dr.Bharat Mistry
Session - 4 Jina Isika Nam hai Mr. Shailesh Pandya
Session - 5 Women Empowerment Mr. J. M. Chavda